Tiny Happy Garden | ホイクペディア

Tiny Happy Garden


tinyHappy Garden is a home-based English immersion preschool and kindergarten for children aged 18 months to 6 years old.​ ​
Strongly influenced by the Montessori method and Reggio-Emilia approach, we aim to create a safe, stimulating​,​
and caring learning environment where children are free to explore, experiment, and make discoveries about the world we live in.​



給与月給:25,000円 交通費支給有 時給1,200円
仕事内容Daily work involves taking care of children ages 6 months~6 years old. Other daily activities and responsibilities include:
​*playing together with students
*taking notes and photos of students while busy at work
*communicating with parents of the children about their progress
*creating fun art projects and activities
*singing and dancing during Music & Motion time
*maintaining a tidy classroom
*assisting with toileting and changing diapers​
​*lunch and snack preparation
*playing together with students outside in the park or in the garden
*attending all school events and outings and meetings
勤務時間Monday-Friday 8:30am~5:30pm
part-time the hours are flexible.
Although, at least three days per week 8:30am~3:30pm.

コメントHello fellow teachers! My name is Sybrina Wada, I am from New York and have opened tinyHappy Garden International School​ three years ago when my daughter was 6 months old​.
I am passionate about teaching, especially working with young children, music and art, and my co-teachers and I thoroughly enjoy everyday with our students. I would love to meet other passionate teachers and welcome them to our teaching team.​

At tinyHappy, children can learn to build strong friendships, care for each other and their classroom and enjoy their time spent at school.​ ​
Storytelling, finger plays and rhymes encourage a love of language, enhance listening ability and develop motor skills. ​In our mixed-age classrooms​
, children can develop self-confidence and essential social skills through cooperation rather than competition.​ ​
By exploring other countries and experiencing their rich culture, we gain acceptance of others who are different from ourselves – inspiring us to become peaceful, global citizens.


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